West End Live Sunday 22nd June 2014

What a weekend, a 10th birthday party for West End Live and there was even a cake – not that I got to sample any booooo!
Today’s hosts were Lisa Vickery, a Heart Fm DJ, and the West End’s own leading man, Oliver Tompsett. The banter between them made the day go so much faster, Oliver is such a natural with the crowd who were not only lucky to hear him sing an impromptu WWRY with the audience participation, but also sample him rapping, moon walking, doing a very sexy Irish accent and even telling some jokes and teasing the audience, that was all in between him telling them to drink water and apply sunblock and mention the sponsors. What a good host!

Highlight today was The Commitments, Sunday morning suddenly felt like a Saturday night – the crowd were singing and bouncing along and suddenly everyone was wide awake with even bigger smiles on their faces.

There was a big build up to the 10 at 10 which featured past shows from the last 10 years that were no longer on. You never realise how much you miss a show until you see a snippet again, loved Chicago and Priscilla Queen of The Desert what an absolute joy to see them.

The big finale was Lord of The Dance Dangerous Games: some amazing costumes and dancing, it was just the big finish to the birthday celebration West End Live deserved.

So as we all go home a little redder from the sun- singing musical songs in our head, with a bigger list of must see shows, we say bye for now. How will they top it next year?

Photos copyright Bonnie Britain

Sunday 23rd June 2014

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