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We Will Rock You Review Dominion Theatre

We went along to see We Will Rock You recently, on the evening when Alex Gaumond was opening as Galileo, a role he had previously played in We Will Rock You on tour.

We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre

We Will Rock You is a musical based on the songs of the rock band Queen and named after their hit single of the same name.

It is set in the future, on a place once called Earth. Globalisation is complete. Everyone watches the same movies, wears the same clothes, and thinks the same thoughts.

Computers generate the music and the teenagers download it. All musical instruments are banned. Could they be fearful of a Rock and Roll Revolution? Resistance is growing and a hero is needed from the masses.

This is a fun musical with plenty of humour, fabulous songs, super choreography and a storyline that is standing the test of time. Consistently packed nights in one of London’s largest theatres is evidence enough that this is one very successful show. From start to finish the audience are captured by the music and by the end of the show are joining in and loving every minute of it.

Commenting on the cast in order of appearance:
Kevin Kennedy is brilliant as Pop and although we don’t see much of him in Act One, he certainly takes a prominent role in the second part of the show. In particular, I liked his rendition of These Are the Days of Our Lives which was fabulous.

Alex Bourne is very good as Commander Khashoggi, the Killer Queen’s second in command, and he portrayed the character very well giving a strong performance. Alex is a commendable ‘baddy’.

Returning to the role that he had previously played on tour, the very talented Alex Gaumond gave a strong performance as Galileo and the reaction from the audience showed that he will be a popular hero. For many it will take a while for him to be known as anything other than ‘Emmett Forrest’ in Legally Blonde, but on the evidence of this show he will win the hearts of most, if not all that go along to see the show.

Sabrina Aloueche played the part of Scaramouche and her performance was fabulous. She is perfect for the role and the manner in which she portrays the humour of the character is exceptional. For many I am sure, this Scaramouche will be the star of the show.

Another star of the show is Mazz Murray who has recently returned to the show from maternity leave, for a limited run. Having played the role of the Killer Queen for nine years it is clear to see that Mazz is fantastic in the role. This was a ‘wow’ performance from an actress who has a powerful stage presence.

The two remaining main characters were played by Ian Carlyle as Brit, and Rachel John as Meat. Both of these actors have fantastic voices and were awesome. For the ensemble, they were all superb in every aspect of their performances. Together with the extremely talented band this is a high quality show.

If you want a fun night out with some great music to sing along to then We Will Rock You should be on your things to do list. A lot of people will return to see this musical many times and that is a major reason as to why it is such a huge success.

Dominion Theatre
268-269 Tottenham Court Road
London, W1T 7AQ