Dominion Theatre with We Will Rock You showing

We Will Rock You is officially closing – what do you think?

Dominion Theatre with We Will Rock You showingIt has now been officially confirmed that We Will Rock You is to close at the end of its current booking period.  The final show will be on 31st May 2014, shortly after its 12th anniversary. The statement from the show’s producers is as follows.

We Will Rock You has been a significant show in the West End for a number of years, and although not having great reviews to start with by the critics, the show has continued to bring in large audiences, in one of London’s largest theatres. The paying theatregoers have ensured that this show will be remembered as one of the West End’s greats.

This is the world of theatre: it gives and it takes, as one show is about to close another will be about to open. Sad times for many, but the Spring shoots of another production will be about to rise from its seed.

I do hope a suitable public place is found for the iconic statue of Freddie Mercury as I am sure many people would wish to continue to see it.

Co-creators Ben Elton, Brian May and Roger Taylor said: “We want to thank every one of the many hundreds of incredible musical theatre artists, musicians and crew with whom we’ve had the privilege of working at the Dominion since 2002. And of course the incredible audiences who have rewarded them with over four and a half thousand standing ovations.

General manager of the Dominion Theatre, David Pearson, commented “a privilege to have hosted We Will Rock You for the past 12 years”. “To have the show rocking the Dominion and seeing a standing ovation night after night has been quite amazing. We wish the show every success for the future, as we now prepare to accelerate our restoration and refurbishment programme ready to welcome an exciting new production in 2015,” he said.

Have you been to see the show? Please take a few minutes to leave your comments about We Will Rock You

Best wishes to ALL of those involved in We Will Rock You the musical… you have made history with this show and being a part of it will be a treasured memory…

Page updated 18th October 2014

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  1. Loved it when I saw it twice.Lucky to have seen Brian May and his wife in the audience when I was there.Shame it is ending.:-)

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