London Theatre Royal Drury Lane Seating Plan – seating includes Stalls, Grand Circle, Upper Circle and Balcony. NOTE: Seating Plans may vary from one production to another and these changes may not be shown.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Seating Plan


Theatre Royal Drury Lane
The first Theatre Royal was in Brydges Street and seems to have gone unrecorded except for a few passages by contemporary writers. Notwithstanding the comprehensive researches of theatrical historians, the only known facts relate to the site in the Riding Yard, a quadrangle that measured 112 feet in length from east to west, and 58 to 59 feet in width. The area was surrounded by built-up properties on all sides, and was accessed from Brydges Street by a passage, 10 feet wide, entering on the west side, and by a similar passage from Drury Lane on the East.