Shrek The Musical March 2012
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Shrek The Musical Review Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Shrek the Musical is a delightful, colourful, heartwarming extravaganza.

This production which features all new songs, Shrek The Musical March 2012a magical set, fantastic costumes, and a talented cast who take us on Shrek’s adventure that was made so famous by the Oscar winning DreamWorks animation film. However before the character Shrek was seen in a musical or a movie, he had in fact started life as a storybook character created by New York cartoonist William Steig. Shrek has even been awarded his own star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”.

Shrek is on a mission to rescue Princess Fiona from her dreary existence locked up in a tower that is guarded by a dragon. Imprisoned from childhood, she is now dying from boredom and she spends her days dreaming of being rescued by her true love. He is accompanied on this task by a talking Donkey, who extends the arm of friendship out to Shrek without a second thought, where others have been put off by his appearance.

Having safely rescued Fiona they are then to deliver the Princess to Lord Farquaad, so the pair can be married without delay. All part of Lord Farquaad’s plan to become King!

Initially disappointed and convinced that Shrek can never be her true love, Fiona soon realises that you should never judge a book by its cover and that first impressions are not what they seem.

Dean Chisnall is perfect as the green ogre. Instantly likeable with a beautiful singing voice, he brings the character of Shrek to life so that we really care about him.

Kimberley Walsh brings some pop star charisma to the show as Princess Fiona and impresses with her comedy acting skills.

Richard Blackwood as Donkey has the audience laughing out loud and Neil McDermott as Lord Farquaad has some show stopping numbers that can not be missed.

They are backed up by a characterful , versatile ensemble who really bring out the magic of the story!.

Quirky and funny with terrific dancing makes Shrek the Musical a hugely enjoyable evening.

Shrek The Musical Review by Joanna Forest who you can follow on Twitter @joannaforest

Content updated 3rd April 2014

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