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You’re 15 years old, struggling through school and coming to terms with the early stages of adolescence. Things are tricky when you’re growing up. You get dealt yet another devastating blow. But this time, it’s worse. Your mum’s passed away.

Now what?

Based on Ollie Maddigan’s real life story, The Olive Boy is a crude but compelling comedy written and performed by Ollie Maddigan himself. Initially introduced at the Hope Theatre in 2021, the show quickly gained attention during its three-night run as part of the Camden Fringe and then in 2022 as part of its month-long sell out run at The Edinburgh Fringe. Renowned for its gripping narrative and Ollie’s remarkable onstage presence, The Olive Boy has received praise from both theatre-goers and critics.

Not suitable for under 16 years old. This production features flashing lights, sexual references and language viewers may find offensive.

The Olive Boy

Norman Bragg Studio, Aylesbury

Tickets from £16.23

Tue 28 May 2024

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Start Date 28/05/2024
End Date 01/01/1970