The Enfield Haunting Ambassadors Theatre Tickets


The Hodgsons had no idea what a poltergeist was when, in the summer of 1977, furniture and toys started moving of their own accord. An ordinary, working-class family, who lived in a north London council house became the centre of one of the most famous poltergeist events in the world.  This is the story of one night in the spring of 1978 when events were approaching a climax. 

Based on the first-hand accounts of one of the ghost hunters, The Enfield Haunting is the true story of what happened when a dedicated single mother, tries to protect her three children from something that is incomprehensible, deeply disturbing and is hurtling to a terrifying conclusion.

Please note, this show contains complete blackout, loud noises, flashing lights and haze.

The Enfield Haunting

Ambassadors Theatre

Tickets from £39.5 to £135

Thu 30 Nov – Sat 2 Mar 2024