Rob Beckett: Giraffe New Theatre Oxford Tickets



Expectations on Rob: put on 3 stone from takeaways and post-show drinking.

Expectations of you: leave the gig happier than when you arrived.

My wife thinks it’s going to be tough for me to be away from the family and don’t get me wrong, I do love my children/podcast content providers… but I also enjoy a lie-in and a hotel buffet breakfast. I think I’ll cope.

What else is there to do? Sit next to your partner on the sofa scrolling TikTok in silence again? You did that the last three nights. See you there!

Host of Sky’s Rob Beckett’s Smart TV and Rob & Romesh Vs. He’s also the unmistakable voice of Channel 4’s Celebs Go Dating and the smash-hit podcast Parenting Hell.

Rob Beckett: Giraffe

New Theatre Oxford

Tickets from £35.18

Fri 19 Sep – Sat 20 Sep 2025

Here are the dates this show will be performing.

Start Date 19/09/2025
End Date 20/09/2025