Most Haunted: The Stage Show Sunderland Empire Tickets



Presented by Yvette Fielding, the first lady of the paranormal, together with the show’s producer and director, Karl Beattie and accompanied by some of the Most Haunted team, you will be taken on a terrifying journey of their top 10 scariest places, with your chance to interact with the hosts in a Q&A session.

Theatre audiences will be shaking in their seats as Yvette and the team present MOST HAUNTED’S ALL-TIME TOP 10 SCARES complete with some unseen video footage from their investigations.

Most Haunted: The Stage Show will climax by inviting some audience members to join in a séance and Ouija board on stage with the team and invited to conduct their very own ghostly investigation.

In this show no one is safe and “Seeing is believing”

Touring all Major Theatres 2024 

Most Haunted: The Stage Show

Sunderland Empire

Tickets from £25

Sun 17 Nov 2024

Here are the dates this show will be performing.

Start Date 17/11/2024
End Date 01/01/1970