Jive Talkin’ Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Tickets


As with the original Bee Gees, Jive Talkin’ is very much a family affair, with brothers Gary and Darren Simmons taking the roles of Barry and Maurice Gibb, with Darren’s son Jack joining the group in 2014 and taking on the role of Robin Gibb. The guys are supported musically by a four piece band with Lead Guitar, Violin, Cello and Drums, to ensure that every note in every song is just right!

For a truly amazing experience and an opportunity to hear all the great Bee Gees hits; Tragedy, Night Fever, Massachusetts, Stayin Alive, Jive Talkin’ and more, in a 2 hour explosion of music and vocal harmony, this is a night not to be missed!

Jive Talkin’

Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Tickets from £28.5

Thu 21 Nov 2024

Here are the dates this show will be performing.

Start Date 21/11/2024
End Date 01/01/1970