5-star Sunset Boulevard at The London Coliseum

Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard, the film, conjures up a close­up of Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond, silent ­film star, eyes frightened and demonic – fingers semi­curled like lobster claws. Norma was once the brightest supernova in Hollywood, circa 1920 – until the advent of talking pictures snuffed out her desirability and her career. It wasn’t just that she lost favour with Paramount … Read more

Review of The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre London

We all know the story – baby lion is presented to the kingdom, is later tricked into thinking he was responsible for his father’s death, and later redeems himself by taking back the kingdom, with the help of his comedy duo friends. The Lion King is a classic Disney musical, but before you’ve seen it … Read more

Ladies in Waiting at the Bread and Roses Theatre

Ladies in Waiting The Judgement of Henry VIII

What would Henry VIII be without the women who made him? Set in King Henry VIII’s personal purgatory, Ladies in Waiting takes a deeper delve into the relationships between this infamous ruler and his six wives. As Henry (James Cougar Canfield, also playwright) faces each of his wives one at a time, we are exposed to the deeper … Read more