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The Andrew Fisher Songbook

One is naturally inclined to think of the Stephen Sondheim revue Marry Me A Little, in which an entire narrative was shaped out of various songs that may have belonged to another musical (or not) at some point but were cobbled together to form a separate show. Listening to the various musical styles, tempos and … Read more

Audio production of Mark Ravenhill’s ANGELA | Review

Mark Ravenhill with his Cine Camera in 1971 - Photo credit Mark Ravenhill.

At a time when we’re being overloaded with fresh and innovative ways to share creative content, it feels like a welcome break to go back to basics as the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh and Pitlochry Festival Theatre have with Mark Ravenhill’s new audio-drama, Angela. The radio form fits the piece perfectly, instantly evoking simpler times … Read more