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Review of Shakespeare As You (Might) Like It at Rosemary Branch

Shakespeare As You Might Like ItWhen you enter a theatre and are given a party bag and invited to help yourself to a “stoop of wine”, and to sample the delights from “much ado about muffin”, you realise that you are at some kind of celebration and Shakespeare As You (Might) Like It is a celebration of Shakespeare’s quad centenary wake.

Written and performed by Roseanna Morris and Helen Watkinson, the show is very entertaining.

The party bags which we were given on arrival contained a party hat, worn by most of the audience throughout, and either a scroll containing dialogue or another sweet treat.

After a nice welcome which included a roll call for a few members of the audience, we were treated to the first bit of audience participation with members reading sonnets from three differently coloured scrolls which, was in order to prove that in all honesty “Shakespeare wasn’t much of a poet”.

This was followed by a game of pass the parcel, the various layers revealing another quote and a sweet treat before the winner won a quill “with which to write his plays with”. A word of praise here for the two musicians (a pianist and a violinist) who were excellent, playing an original score throughout.

Four members of the audience joining the girls on stage to help make up the numbers for a Twelfth Night sketch.

Another two members of the audience joined the girls on stage for a mini competition as to who was better during a couple of pieces of dialogue, the decision was made by a man in the audience ringing a bell together with rounds of applause from the two sides of the audience. We were then treated to a more serious recital and some very tuneful signing before the show finished with enthusiastic dancing.

Both Roseanna Morris and Helen Watkinson are excellent actresses giving enthusiastic, energetic performances e whilst involving the audience at every opportunity.

I really enjoyed the show and left the theatre with a smile on my face.

4 Stars

Review by Karen Pond

Shakespeare As You (Might) Like It
Written and Performed by Roseanna Morris and Helen Watkinson
Directed by Martha Geelan
Original Music composed by Shane Rutherford-Jones
Photography by Paul Orssich

You are cordially invited to the Quad Centenary Wake in memoriam of William Shakespeare who died in 1616. Join Shook Up Shakespeare for a night of rowdy raucous entertainment at this boozy and bawdy celebration of the bard.

Two actresses, three plays, six parts, limitless possibilities and just one more ingredient needed in this magnificent melting pot… YOU.

Shakespeare As You (Might) Like It
21st – 24th January 2016

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