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Review of I Found My Horn at Trafalgar Studios Two

I Found My HornIs Jasper having a mid-life crisis? A divorce, and a difficult relationship with his son has left Jasper wondering what he can do successfully in his life.

One evening, in his basement, Jasper stumbles across his old French horn he used to play at school. Suddenly he hears a voice… Wait, is it coming from the horn?! This beautiful instrument from old Czechoslovakia proves to be a best friend to Jasper, helping him recall his memories at school in music class.  And please don’t mention that one agonising memory of a live performance he’d rather forget. No wonder he hasn’t blown his horn for 31 years! Maybe this horn can convince Jasper to change his mind.

After much deliberation Jasper decides to go to horn camp in America. There he meets some crazy and influential people that prepare him to show himself that he can achieve something against all odds. Will Jasper’s revamped passion for his horn make him persevere into the greatness he never quite reached as a teenager?

But can we really expect a rusty, middle aged man to overcome the same confidence problems that were written across his school reports? Will he be good enough to be accepted into the British Horn Society? And will his past blunders get the better of him when it comes to performing in front of an audience? All Jasper needs to do is remember everything his tutors have taught him and, for goodness sake, do something about those nerves!

This has proven to be yet another fantastic one-man show at Trafalgar Studios. The actor, Jonathan Guy Lewis, brings to life a variety box of amusing and eccentric characters from past, present and future all with a connection to Jasper and his horn related antics. Jonathan is so versatile that sometimes you forget all the characters are being played by him alone. His impeccable timing and warm, relatable characters will make you grin, snigger and empathise.

I Found My Horn is an endearing story that is very naturally funny, encompassing a passion I think most of us can relate to. It was adapted from a book by Jasper Rees, and the great work of himself, the director Harry Burton and the actor Jonathan Guy Lewis is likely to blow just about anybody’s horn with delight.

Review by Francesca Jones

I Found My Horn at the Trafalgar Studio Two
Show Opened: 1st Apr 2014
Booking Until: 3rd May 2014
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.45pm
Matinees: Thursday to Saturday 3.00pm

Content updated 1st May 2014

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