Review of Chivaree’s Crash at Camden Fringe Festival

CrashHaving reviewed Chivaree’s outstanding show Becoming Shades, expectations were high for this follow up, Crash. And I wasn’t disappointed. Created by Edward Gosling and Laurane Marchive, the show is truly a ‘celebration’ – of eccentricity, of pushing physical limits, and of the ability to carry on in cheerful spirits – perfect for the current state of the world. Crash incorporates a fantastic array of talent, including aerial silks, hoop, hula hoop, juggling, acrobatics, Cyr wheel and singing. There are few down moments, even if a few of the transitions are less than smooth.

Chivaree do a lot with a little, though this time they have certainly upped the number of skills on display. Their first immersive show was narrative-driven in a way Crash is not, and I would look forward to a return to that, though Crash was certainly an upbeat and fun experience. After all, the wonderful skills on display require grounding in a character, or a story, no matter how simple. Regardless, what we do see is very enjoyable, and there are some real highlights in the performances of Rebecca Rennison, Jackie Le, Lil Rice and Lily Raptor.

There are some less compelling acts in the mix – less developed characters, who aren’t quite as well supported by the lighting, the staging and the atmosphere created. The skills themselves are certainly impressive. Performers who might have needed just that little bit more space, choreography or support – perhaps an act or two combined – might have benefitted the show overall.

Performed in the round certainly creates the atmosphere of intimacy appropriate for a journey with incomparable compere Dusty Limits, and this serves the production well. Limits is a flawless host and singer, maintaining the
energy and mood even in the face of unwilling audience participation! Far from the cavernous Vaults and the mystery of their previous show, Crash is a friendly, fun and thoroughly entertaining venture. As you leave on a party note, it’s an absolute pick-me- up, notwithstanding whatever your day might have held. Leave all your concerns behind, indulge in a little bit of fantasy and in the joy of pure spectacle with Chivaree’s Crash.

4 Stars

Christina Carè Calgaro

CRASH is a rollercoaster of feelings, a symphony of colliding bodies. A show that chases moments of emotional intensity, a story about life’s ups and downs, a celebration of strength and fragility. The premiere of CRASH will take place at The Cockpit Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd August 2017 with further dates to be announced in 2018. Press welcome on either days.

Featuring breath-taking aerial dance, intimate acrobatics, jaw-dropping fire performance, and an array of circus artists of the highest ability CRASH is a raw poetic exploration of human feelings in their purest form.

The Cockpit Theatre
Gateforth St, Marylebone,
London, NW8 8EH

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