Peaky Blinders: The Rise at The Camden Garrison


You have been invited to a family meeting by Tommy Shelby; a celebration of everything accomplished so far. He wants to share his plan to unite the families and take over London. But all is not as it seems; not everyone can be trusted so keep your eyes peeled.

Based on the critically acclaimed hit tv-show Peaky Blinders, this immersive experience will place you in the heart of the Peaky Blinders world. Located in the Camden Garrison, the experience spans several rooms, with multiple narratives playing out in all the rooms simultaneously. Where the story takes you, is up to you. Have a drink at the bar, help Tommy in his office, find the missing money, maybe you just want to bet on the horses, or maybe you will try to do it all; immerse yourself in the world and see where this story takes you.

This is the type of show that requires great performers, and unsurprisingly the performers really sold the show. The accents are great across the board, likely thanks to the vocal coaching from Sarah McGuinness, and the improvisation from their guest interactions are engaging, which start as soon as you enter the queue, so be prepared. To top it off the live vocal performances are superb. The different singers make the songs their own and it really adds to the world-building. From intrigue to guns, stolen money, deception, great music and a bit of an adventure, this show delivers.

Excitingly, many spectators came dressed for the period; sometimes making it hard to differentiate between performers and guests, but in some ways, this also adds to the atmosphere. With the multiple storylines happening simultaneously across multiple rooms, I can imagine that this show could be visited more than once if you want to try to experience them all.

The show is a spectacle from start to finish, with fantastic direction from Tom Maller. The team at ‘Immersive Everywhere’ have created a show that truly makes you feel like you have entered the Peaky Blinders world, and the show comes to life with well-planned fight choreography by Stuart Boother and movement direction by Charlie Burt, a clever game design by Eyal Danon and great costume supervision by Michelle Bristow. The set design is incredible and the attention to detail when it comes to the props really brings the show to the next level. Every action of the show seems well planned, impeccably timed and wonderfully executed by the performers and the tech team.

Peaky Blinders: The Rise is a really enjoyable immersive production to take part in, even if you haven’t watched the tv series, although having knowledge from the show will definitely add more to your experience. Before you take part, find out which family you belong to in the quick questionnaire that is sent to you. 

Now don your finest flat cap and come prepared for a great adventure.

5 Stars

Review by Olivia Jannesson

1921, London. Tommy has taken the northern racecourses and eliminated his opponent, Billy Kimber. He now has his sights set on a London expansion…

With the approval of north London kingpin, Alfie Solomons, Tommy personally invites you to a family meeting at the Shelby’s Camden warehouse. Tommy has a plan that could prove lucrative for everyone, and it promises to be a night of celebration.

Whether you kick back in the Camden Garrison Pub with Arthur, advise Tommy on his business affairs in his office, or conspire with the Italians in the Eden Club, how the family meeting goes is for you to decide. However, you must keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, Tommy’s enemies are closer than you think and they may want to make you an offer you’ll find hard to refuse.

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