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Once the musical the first ever musical to play gig for Spotify

Cast of OnceOn 8th November Once the musical was the first ever musical to play an exclusive gig for Spotify. I was one of the lucky few attending this event in person.

The Once cast treated its audience to four songs starting with Chandler’s Wife with Gareth O’Connor (Eamon) on lead vocals. This song is actually part of the Once pre-show which is one of the unique things about this musical. Fifteen minutes before the start of the show the cast comes out on stage and plays a couple of songs.

The audience can join them on stage at the on stage bar. This really makes you feel part of the show and sets a nice mood for the actual performance.

OnceNext up was Raglan Road which was sung beautifully by Michael O’Connor (Da). After this song Declan Bennett (Guy) joined his fellow cast members on the Spotify stage to sing Falling Slowly with Phoebe Fildes (understudy Girl) and the rest of the cast.

This is probably the most famous song from the show having won an Academy Award in 2008 (Best Original Song, Once the movie). However, personally the last song of this gig is one of my favourites: The beautiful Gold with Declan Bennett on lead vocals.

It was wonderful to see this talented cast perform in such an intimate space and I’m sure everyone who attended will agree when I say this gig was a huge success.

And thanks to Spotify everyone will be able to experience this performance on their computers at home on 12th November.

The gig will be streamed on repeat for two hours on .

Make sure you don’t miss it. You are in for a real musical treat.

Once CastI’d like to say thank you to everyone at Once the musical and Spotify for organising and being a part of this event. I’m sure this will set an example for future collaborations of Spotify and musical theatre.

It surely is a great way to promote a show and give people around the world the chance to experience performances of their favourite musicals.

Last but not least a big thank you to Neil for the opportunity to attend this gig!

By Steffi Geischer @Steffi_G


Friday 8th November 2013

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