Naked Truth at Leicester Square Theatre – Review

Chloe Oliver & Mairi Houston
Chloe Oliver & Mairi Houston

The one thing I love more than anything is live theatre, so when I was offered the chance to review Johnny Tait’s latest play I jumped at it.

Set in a reality TV household, Naked Truth really poked fun at Big Brother and the current celebrity culture, there were times when the entire audience were absolutely howling with laughter. The show was so well written and the acting was so precise that the mood of the audience changed with it – one moment I was laughing out loud, the next minute I could feel shivers going down my spine as a housemate was forced to reveal the deepest secret of their past.

Christine Lynn & Charlie Bailey
Christine Lynn & Charlie Bailey

The performance by Mairi Houston as she played the role of a sweet vulnerable young lady was so convincing that when she undressed to stay in the house, I nearly cried.

I loved the way Donna the glamour model/actress, played by Chloe Oliver was so brazen and brash, whilst in contrast Elizabeth played by Christine Lynn was prim and proper, right up until she was forced to reveal her past, then we saw that the things she had done were far worse than anything imaginable.

For me, the funniest moment was when Jimmy the has-been comedian played by Johnny Tait, forces Trevor the traffic warden played by Charlie Bailey to tell the truth about what he did with a sheep in a farmers field.

The climax to the show was a twist that I never saw coming, and the applause from the audience as the cast came on for the curtain call was

5 Stars

Review by Susan Woods

We leap forward and reality TV has taken on a new twist, the government are using it to cover up what is really going on in the world, the viewing figures are higher than anything any TV show has ever had in the history of broadcasting but have the producers gone too far?

From the twelve housemates that begun, we are now down to five who have nothing whatsoever in common apart from the fact that they all have enough skeletons in their cupboard to fill the average cemetery which they are forced against their will to reveal. The dead bodies of housemates following their dismissal from the household result in the biggest ever hunt for a serial killer that the British police have ever staged.

Naked Truth
Leicester Square Theatre
Saturday March 4th 3pm