BEATS ON POINTE cast shot Peacock Theatre May 2019

Masters Of Choreography – Beats On Pointe at the Peacock Theatre

After its thrilling 2018 run, the classical ballet and street dance mash-up that is Beats on Pointe is back. As two opposing dance worlds clash, 16 dancers go toe-to-toe in this fun-fuelled fusion of ballet and hip-hop. More than just thrilling dance-offs, this high-energy show is also packed with freestyle acts, singing and beatboxing, a touch of comedy and plenty of feel-good music covering an all-embracing mix of classical, 70’s grooves and current hits.

What theatregoers have said:
BEATS ON POINTE dancers Georgia Mae Rutland and Brodie Chesher. Photo by Heidi VictoriaThis beautiful dance show was absolutely spectacular. Such a joy to watch! Everything from the costuming to the set to the choreography to the music and lighting was incredibly well thought-out and made for a VERY enjoyable night. The dancers are incredibly talented and such a wonder to watch. The only minuscule downside was that once or twice ONLY (out of the entire 2-hour show) it felt like a little bit too much was going on at the same time. But this is hardly a concern and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys any form of dance to go see this beautiful combination of ballet and street! R.S.

There was a great soundtrack, with lots of well-loved songs. The cast gave enthusiastic and energetic performances.  Overall, it was a fun evening of light entertainment, that was accessible and enjoyable. K.S.
It was a feel-good show, there was no storyline, just a group of young people demonstrating their dance skills to choreography that was excellent at times and basic at others. The ovation from the audience was very good, no doubt that the majority enjoyed the show. J.T.

Masters Of Choreography – Beats On Pointe
Peacock Theatre, London
Booking to 16th June 2019

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