Siobhan Dillon - Molly in Ghost The Musical April 2012

Interview with Siobhan Dillon Molly Jensen in Ghost The Musical

Siobhan is currently starring as Molly Jensen in Ghost The Musical alongside Mark Evans as Sam Wheat at the Piccadilly Theatre. Earlier this week we asked Siobhan some questions about herself and her new role in this fabulous musical.

How did you feel when you got theActress Siobhan Dillon lead role in Ghost The Musical?
Ecstatic! I had been contemplating focusing on other areas of my career rather than purely musical theatre.  Such as straight acting, and spending more time on my passion for fashion design and creating leather bags. However, when I got the call telling me I had got the role I knew I couldn’t turn it down.

Is there anything about the audition process you might be able to share with us?
During my 2nd Molly audition, they were holding auditions for the American production next door, and so I bumped into Caissie Levy and the actress who won the American ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’ audition. Being around all those wonderful actresses made me so nervous!!

What is your favourite song in Ghost?
‘I can’t breathe’ and ‘I had a life’ both sung by Sam in the show. I am off stage at that time so it’s the only opportunity I have to sit and listen to Mark Evans’ amazing voice.

Do you believe in psychic mediums and, if so, have you ever been to see one and what was that like?
Yes, and yes. It was awesome and very scary!

Why should everyone go and see Ghost The Musical?
I genuinely believe there is something for everybody. It is of course the classic love story on stage with amazing songs. The set, technology, illusions used in the production are incredible!

What is your favourite line in the show?
It’s a line when Oda Mae is shouting up at Molly’s loft:

Oda Mae: ‘Hey Molly, Do you hear me girl?’

Workman: ‘I hear ya! Have you ever heard of a phone lady?

Oda Mae: ‘Have you ever heard of kiss my butt!’

Ghost the Musical is very emotional: as an actor, how do you deal with this emotional ‘strain’ every night?
When I step into the theatre I am 100% focused on the show. Outside, the only thing that keeps me sane is to try not to think about it, and cut myself off. I spend time seeing friends, working on my fashion designs, songwriting and going to the gym.

The role of Molly was originated by Caissie Levy. How will you make the role your own? Can you describe YOUR Molly?
I think only way you can take over the role is to not be inhibited, and look at the script with fresh eyes like you have never seen it before. You have to believe in the truth and honesty of the script. Working with our director Matthew Warchus was incredible, and the rehearsals were a very organic and original process in which he helped us to make the right choices and find our own way with such an intimate story.

The special effects are amazing. What do you think of them from an actor’s point of view?
We forget they are there as they are so much part of the action. We don’t get a chance to stop and appreciate what is going on behind or around us like the audience do. It is great to hear the audience’s reaction to the effects, like an inhalation of breath when Sam is ascending to heaven. It is very supportive.

When did you first use a Potter’s Wheel and what was your first creation like?
When I was aged 14 years and in my first year of GCSE art classes. I had very inspirational art teachers who encouraged us in every aspect of art. They had 3 Potter’s Wheels and a Kiln, so I had many opportunities to make pots and other objects. When I began working on Ghost, I hadn’t done any pottery for 10 years, but it was just like riding a bike, you don’t forget! I spend every interval playing and preparing the clay, and as I get more experienced my pot’s are getting bigger!

Best wishes and thank you!

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Interview questions by Neil and Sandra who you can follow on Twitter at LondonTheatre1 and LondonTheatre2

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