Half Price Tickets for STOMP at Ambassadors Theatre London

STOMP Flash SaleStomp is now fresher, faster and funnier than ever before.

This multi-award winning show continues to astound audiences across the world with its universal language of rhythm, theatre, comedy and dance. Eight performers use everything from Zippo lighters, plastic bags, bin lids and even the kitchen sink to hammer out an explosively feel-good rhythm.

Exclusive offer: Stalls and Circle Seats are usually £52.50, but are only £25 in our flash sale. That’s better than half price when you book by Sunday 31st May 2015.*
We also have great seats available this half term. Book now to save 29%.*

Stalls & Circle (Thursday Matinee)
Was £52.50 Now £22.50
Valid Thursday Matinees until 20 December 2015.*
Save 57%

Stalls & Circle (Sunday)
Was £52.50 Now £25
Valid Sundays 1 June – 24 July 2015.*
Save 52%

Stalls & Circle (Monday & Thursday evening)
Was £52.50 Now £26.25
Valid Monday & Thursday evenings 1 June – 24 July 2015.*

Stomp Tickets

Terms and conditions
* Stomp Offer: Stalls & Circle seats (Price Band A) face value £52.50 are reduced to £26.25 Monday & Thursday evening performances and £25 Sunday performances from 1 June – 24 July 2015. Thursday Matinee performances are face value £52.50 reduced to £22.50 until 20 December 2015. All offers must be booked by Monday 25 May 2015.

Half term offer is face value £52.50 reduced to £37.50, valid Monday – Friday, Sunday evening performances plus Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday matinee performances between 24 – 30 May 15.

See website for full terms and conditions. A postage charge of £2.50 is payable on bookings made 5 days or more from the date of the performance.

Please note that for discounted tickets, phone bookings are charged at a £1.50 supplement per ticket over our internet prices.

Subject to availability. Prices reflect the purchase price with the booking fee already included. Early booking is recommended. For hotel and restaurant package terms and conditions, please click through to the website.

Wednesday 27th May 2015

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