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The London Theatre App (search for “London Theatre” in either App store) has a dedicated version for the iPhone and iPad platform, which is live in the Apple Store and Google Play Store now and is free to download and free to use.

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Depending on network capabilities the London Theatre APP from the iStore takes only a few minutes to download. During live testing the APP has loaded from start-up usually within 7-10 seconds. Once accessed and returning to use again then load time is usually instantaneous. Features include News from London theatreland, reviews of top London shows, interviews with West End actors and actresses, together with access to a live booking system. Shows: The Arts – Ballet, Dance and Opera, Musicals, Plays, Dinner and Show offers, Attractions, Regional Theatre, and Theatre Vouchers. Theatres: An extensive list of London West End Theatres together with access to the current show. Secure live booking either online or by telephone, location pin for directions, seating plan, Booking dates, show times and a show summary. Special Offers: There is always an extensive list of special offers for many London West End shows. During 2013 discounts have been as high as 75%. Interviews: We have over one hundred exclusive interviews with West End actors, actresses, and directors. Reviews: We have regular reviews of London musicals and plays. Get Social: The sharing facility is for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and email. Miscellaneous: Frequently asked questions, Contact information, Useful links

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