Chicago Musical Review July 2011
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Chicago The Musical Cambridge Theatre London review

We went along to see Chicago The Musical last night and although having written a review only a few weeks ago, this time we saw different cast in four of the leading roles.

For a show that is closing on 27th August it was pleasing to see that the Cambridge Theatre was buzzing with excitement before the show and with a packed house it makes you wonder why is the show closing?

On with the review! Chicago the musical

Amra-Faye Wright performed as Velma Kelly and she was excellent. She is an international star, appearing in the same role around the world and on Broadway. She is a class act! Everything about her performance is done with considerable style and it was a pleasure to watch her. Amra’s interpretation of Velma has to be up there with the best.

Christie Brinkley played the part of Roxie Hart and seemed to play the part of Roxie as herself, and having met Christie at the stage door after the show she seemed to still be ‘in character’.

Christie has enjoyed an extremely successful career as a model and has only been performing on stage for a short while. I take my hat off to her for taking on this role but she doesn’t have the vocal range nor the technical ability in her dance routines to compare for example with Sarah Soetaert.

The youthful vibrancy of Roxie seems to be missing and not surprising considering that Christie is twice the age of what you would expect Roxie to be, although certainly not looking it.

The fact is that getting ‘celebrities’ in to perform in theatres fills seats and Christie certainly seems to be doing that, as many in the audience seemed to enjoy her performance.

The part of the “silver tongued Prince of the courtroom” Billy Flynn, was played by Jonny Wilkes, and I particularly enjoyed his rendition of All I Care About Is Love. Jonny plays the part brilliantly and as Billy Flynn he captivates the audience with his charm and wit. He has the twinkle in the eye look and charm that beguiles the inmates, press, courtroom and of course the audience. Fabulous performance!

James Doherty performed as Amos Hart and although I have seen James before in the role I will mention that he was again brilliant. He performs the role as Roxie’s doting husband superbly. Amos is an insignificant person, but James certainly makes sure he stands out on stage and the audience loved him. His rendition of Mr Cellophane is terrific.

Roxie Hart’s lover, Fred Casely was played by David Page and again this was a very strong performance. Although Fred comes to an untimely end quite early on in the show he does make a subsequent appearance to re-live his demise. David also appears throughout as part of the Ensemble and his performance was of a very high standard.

I must of course mention the lovely Jasna Ivir who played Matron “Mama” Morton, who in particular charmed the audience with her beautiful singing of When You’re Good To Mama. Another super performance.

I could go on about the remainder of the cast who all gave excellent performances but maybe check out the previous review here. They really are a fabulous cast and together with an outstanding orchestra make this a hot show!

Review written by Neil who you can follow on Twitter @LondonTheatre1

29th July 2011

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