Review of The Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall

The Phantom of the Opera - Courtesy of The Really Useful

A twenty-fifth anniversary is something to be celebrated. For most couples, it might be a candlelit dinner in a romantic restaurant. But, if you are Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh, and the twenty-fifth anniversary being celebrated is of one of your most successful musicals, then something a little bit bigger is called for. So, … Read more

Corpse! by Gerald Moon at Park Theatre (Park90) | Review

TOM YORK as EVELYN FARRANT and PAUL KEMP as MAJOR POWELL 8. CORPSE! Park Theatre. Credit - Anna Urik.

Twins are special. Identical twins even more so they are the result of one fertilized egg splitting into two, giving them identical DNA. As a result, identical twins are as close as two people can be. In fact, twins are so special the town of Twinsburg Ohio holds an annual festival in honour of twins. … Read more

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