The Great Gatsby – Immersive London – Review

The Great Gatsby at Immersive LDN - Company - c Helen Maybanks.

The Great Gatsby Immersive Theatre Experience is a divinely unique piece of theatre. Billed as an invitation to one of Jay Gatsby’s infamous parties, we’re invited to a mansion in Mayfair where ‘guests’ (almost entirely in 1920s costume) are ushered through into a stunning bar/ballroom and after a themed cocktail (or two) the party begins. … Read more

Review of Witness For The Prosecution at London County Hall

Lewis Cope and Simon Dutton in Witness for the Prosecution.

Staged in The Chamber at London’s historic County Hall, Witness for The Prosecution is now in its second year, but the feel throughout the audience as they take to their seats has the hushed anticipation of opening night. The grandeur of the building, the supersized leather seating all helps to create an exciting and authentic … Read more