Review of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes at the Union Theatre

This was my first time at the new Union Theatre having been entranced over the years by the charmingly quaint, dark, dusty, musty railway arch over the road that seemed to have a kind of subliminal sign saying You Are Now Entering Hades – though the quality of theatre there was always of the highest … Read more

Queen of the Mist at Charing Cross Theatre – Review

Queen of the Mist Trudi Camilleri and company Photo by Stephen Russell

You climb Everest because it’s there. You trek to the South Pole to pit yourself against the daunting challenge of nature. And you wedge yourself into a barrel and allow yourself to be swept over Niagara Falls because… well I’m not really sure. It’s brave – probably; it’s daring – indubitably; it’s heroic – arguably; … Read more

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