Author: Peter Yates

Review of Wife by Samuel Adamson at Kiln Theatre

The thing about metatheatre – and Wife is metatheatre writ large – is that it can easily become a bit of a Luvvie-in where cast and creatives are playing not just to the gallery but to the dress circle, the stalls, the dressing rooms and the stage door to boot. The danger in this is that it all becomes one big “in-joke” with us bunch of critics getting it, the theatre professionals in the audience …

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The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists | Tara Arts Theatre

Ever been taken for a ride? I mean a ride in a rickety old brake (carriage), with a set of wonderful eclectic characters, down gentle English country lanes, in a lost-forever time (early last century) with bosses and workers and artists and would-be politicians and a works outing (beano) with a once-a-year pub crawl? Sounds like fun, yes – and believe me it is. Your host, your evergreen Mister Geniality narrator-host, is the irrepressible Neil …

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Medicine at the Hope Theatre, London | Review

It’s an end of the pier show. Moira-Bridget teeters on the edge, contemplating the swirly brine below, determined to put an end to her depression by jumping in and letting it all wash over her. Margaret, her mother, resplendent in pink jim-jams and pound shop quilted dressing gown, stands back along the pier trying to persuade her troubled daughter to come back to the warmth of home. It’s stupid-o’clock, it’s cold and they only have …

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Before It Starts by Naked Frank Theatre at Blue Elephant Theatre | Review

Don’t go to this play… unless you want to get poked in the eye, slapped round the head, smacked in the gob and kneed in the crotch: but if you’re brave enough and hard enough then this show is definitely for you. I’m talking metaphorically of course but Naked Frank Theatre delivers a hard-hitting, provocative and excoriating drama that explores, in great depth, the causes and the effects of homophobia. There’s an immersive preamble when …

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Siobhan McMillan’s Mirrors at Leicester Square Theatre | Review

The Lounge at the Leicester Square Theatre is a warm, intimate studio space with comfortable individual seats and its own bar snuck away in the corner. With the rain lashing the Square it’s a welcome retreat and, suitably accompanied by a glass of Rosé, one can settle down to be theatrically indulged. Mirrors is a one person show which is decidedly entertaining – meticulously directed by Gabi Maddocks and intuitively performed by its creator Siobhan …

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