Author: Louis Mazzini

The Psychic Project at the Vaults Theatre – Review

Announced as “a mind-reading show based on the true story of the Cold War’s psychic spies”, The Psychic Project at the Vaults Theatre draws on the genuine story of Stargate, a secret unit established by the American Government’s Defense Intelligence Agency and a private contractor. Stargate was created to investigate and exploit the use of psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence gathering. It’s a story that certainly makes a fascinating backdrop and the magician David Narayan makes good use …

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Ottisdotter presents Henrik Ibsen’s Olaf | Review

Here in a thrilling new translation, Ottisdotter presents Ibsen’s early play, Olaf Liljekrans, not seen in London since a production at the Bedford Hall in Chelsea in 1925. The obvious question is was the play worth revival? The answer is a very definite yes and not simply for the way that Olaf Liljekrans foreshadows Ibsen’s later works such as Hedda Gabler and The Master Builder. At this stage of his career, Ibsen was still channelling …

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