Author: Laura Thomas

Never Trust a Man Bun at Stockwell Playhouse | Review

After a hard day at the sharp end of retail management, Lucy (the writer Thomas herself) just wanted a quiet night of Gogglebox with Gus (Calum Robshaw), her longstanding flatmate and wingman. But the pompous and anal twerp has not only reconciled with his nauseating ex, the simpering snowflake Rachael (Natasha Grace Hutt), but the pair of them have conspired to set Lucy up with a date. A wisecracking bitch with a heart of flint, …

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Review of Rosenbaum’s Rescue at Park Theatre

Denmark in 2001, a Jewish couple in their sixties await the arrival of a childhood friend and his daughter, as their celebration of Hanukkah begins. The curmudgeon Abe (David Bamber is superb) is devoted to his forthright wife, Sara (Julia Swift), and plays the henpecked victim with nuanced irony. The pompous and annoying historical zealot Lars (Neil McCaul) is an old friend and adversary of Abe’s, the comic sparring between the Jew and gentile is …

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