Review of Macbeth at Theatro Technis

Macbeth: The Acting Gymnasium at Theatro Technis

Gavin McAlinden’s take on Macbeth is intriguing, insightful and innovative. Coming from Armagh he deploys his understanding of war, civil war and paramilitary violence to create a Macbeth that is located somewhere between the IRA, the Serbian mafia and Isis. Men dressed in sinister black clothing from head to foot, carrying Kalashnikovs and pistols are … Read more

Miss Julie by August Strindberg at Theatro Technis | Review

Gabriel Puscas as Jean and Sarah Collins as Miss Julie

Scandi noir is all the rage on TV. Where does this Scandinavian love for all things dark, disturbing and dangerous come from? Geography would seem to be the most plausible explanation. Living in a part of the world where it’s dark for months on end has given the Scandinavians more than their fair share of … Read more

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