The Kite Runner at Richmond Theatre | Review

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is a wonderful play about the history and culture, people and politics of Afghanistan. Based on Khaled Hosseini’s 2003 novel, Matthew Spangler’s adaptation for the stage somehow manages to capture the many layers of complexity that give the novel such heft and power. The play gives us a story about a father … Read more

Review of JEW…ish at the King’s Head Theatre

JEW...ish at King's Head Theatre

JEW…ish is a delight, a joy, a real treat. Saul Boyer (co-writer with Poppy Damon) as Max and Edie Newman as TJ are superbly engaging and very watchable as the mixed Jew and gentile couple who try desperately to keep their love hate relationship on track. In a one hour tour de force they give … Read more

Review of Macbeth at Theatro Technis

Macbeth: The Acting Gymnasium at Theatro Technis

Gavin McAlinden’s take on Macbeth is intriguing, insightful and innovative. Coming from Armagh he deploys his understanding of war, civil war and paramilitary violence to create a Macbeth that is located somewhere between the IRA, the Serbian mafia and Isis. Men dressed in sinister black clothing from head to foot, carrying Kalashnikovs and pistols are … Read more