Review of Matilda the Musical at Cambridge Theatre, London

Royal Shakespeare Company's Matilda The Musical - Photography by Manuel Harlan

When reviewing productions aimed at children, usually the highest accolade is to say “It works on two levels”, meaning that some of the content will be appreciated by the children and some by their parents. Matilda is the exception to that rule. It works on one level; one cheerfully revolting, hilarious and touching level which … Read more

Review of The Wedding Reception

The team behind the mighty Faulty Towers Dining Experience is branching out into weddings. Or, more precisely, a wedding reception – the wedding itself has already happened. Kate and Will, desperate to keep the affair as low-key as possible, opted for a discreet registry office ceremony; however, they reckoned without the force of nature that … Read more

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair at Above The Arts Theatre

For anyone who saw Beach Comet’s last nutty and hilarious offering, Vampire Hospital Waiting Room, the question was; How on earth are they going to follow that? Well now we know; with a deranged disaster B Movie/supernatural murder mystery/romantic comedy. Set on a cruise ship. What else? Apocalypse centres on the increasingly deranged quest of the tormented Captain Bleaufont … Read more