Author: Damien Russell

Fake News by Osman Baig at Waterloo East Theatre | Review

Hitting us hard with the buzz-phrase of the year, Osman Baig in association with Paragon Theatre Collective presents us with a story of Fake News in this one-of-a-kind one-man show. The first thing to note about Fake News is that it’s odd. It’s odd right from the outset with its theme music and video introduction sequence. It continues to be odd as Baig bounds onstage and welcomes us to his introductory seminar for interns at …

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Flying Elephant Productions presents Picasso’s Women | Review

Many will know Pablo Picasso’s paintings and his most popular pieces carry a distinct style that is instantly recognisable. Fewer people, perhaps, will know Pablo Picasso; serial adulterer and user of women or the impact that associating with him had on the lives of those who claimed to love him. This is not a play about Picasso ‘the artist’. In many ways, this is not a play about Picasso at all. Told in a series …

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Review: Play Something – Drayton Arms Theatre | London

The classic tale of romance in the face of adversity is given a shakedown and reimagining in Stage Write’s new production; Play Something. Flying in the face of ‘boy meets girl’ with *insert disastrous situation/consequence here* before a series of unexpected events sorts everything out paving the way for some variety of ‘happily ever after’, Play Something takes us on an alternative journey a little more along the lines of; boy meets boy in underground …

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Review of A Bench at the Edge at The Hen and Chickens Theatre

As part of the Camden Fringe Festival, Theatre of Heaven and Hell bring you A Bench at the Edge. Originally by contemporary American playwright Luigi Jannuzzi, this dramatic dark comedy originally ‘treaded the boards’ in 1981 but quite aside from having lost relevance over the years, if anything its message is more important now than ever before. Described on Theatre of Heaven and Hell’s website as a “one-act dark comedy about the struggles of modern …

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Young Frankenstein at the Garrick Theatre London | Review

Charmingly raunchy romp Young Frankenstein is treading the boards once more at the Garrick Theatre, bringing the cult classic film back to life in a lively, light-hearted musical medley. Starring Hadley Fraser, Lesley Joseph, Cory English, Dianne Pilkington, Summer Strallen, Patrick Clancy and Nic Greenshields alongside an excellent supporting cast, this theatrical adaptation of the film distills the script down into just the key events/moments and turns them into what I would almost describe as sketches. …

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