Author: Christina Care

Simon Callow in A Christmas Carol at the Arts Theatre | Review

A Christmas Carol at the Arts Theatre brings to life this classic Christmas story, in a very likeable and entertaining production. Narrated and acted entirely by Simon Callow, it is a warm interpretation, delivered as a good story around a fireplace on a snowy evening. There is much to enjoy here, and you leave with a happy glow. Simon Callow delivers a dynamic performance; we are firmly held in the hands of this flawless professional. …

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Frogman at Shoreditch Town Hall – Review

It feels like it was only a matter of time before VR started to infiltrate theatres – the fact that Frogman is the first instance of this technology I’ve experienced on stage is quite surprising. Having heard rumours of this ground-breaking show long before my opportunity to see it, I’d be lying if I said I went in with anything other than high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. Frogman, devised by the barrier-pushing curious directive, follows …

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Review of Chivaree’s Crash at Camden Fringe Festival

Having reviewed Chivaree’s outstanding show Becoming Shades, expectations were high for this follow up, Crash. And I wasn’t disappointed. Created by Edward Gosling and Laurane Marchive, the show is truly a ‘celebration’ – of eccentricity, of pushing physical limits, and of the ability to carry on in cheerful spirits – perfect for the current state of the world. Crash incorporates a fantastic array of talent, including aerial silks, hoop, hula hoop, juggling, acrobatics, Cyr wheel and …

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Review of Food by Steve Rodgers at Finborough Theatre

Set in a takeaway off an Australian highway, Food explores the tumultuous relationship between sisters Elma (Emma Playfair) and Nancy (Lily Newbury-Freeman). With unresolved tension from their youth played out in the claustrophobic takeaway kitchen, their antipathy comes to a head with the arrival of traveller Hakan (Scott Karim). Beautifully designed and executed, Food is a thoroughly enjoyable insight into a complex family, in a very specific context. Cressida Brown has directed a subtle and …

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Review of Fledgling Theatre Company’s They Built It. No One Came.

They Built It. No One Came, is a play about where earnestness becomes naivety, and integrity starts to look ridiculous. It follows Tobias (Christopher Neels) and Alexander (Patrick Holt), two idealists who form a peaceful commune named ‘Humbleton’ – a place they envisaged as a refuge from modern society – hoping to attract others like themselves. Eight years later, and they still remain the commune’s only members. That is until Tim (immediately dubbed ‘Brother Pablo’, …

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