Review of Magic & Mind-Reading at Le Meridien Piccadilly

Magic & Mind-Reading at Le Meridien Piccadilly

The West End in London is what Americans would call ‘downtown’. Whether organically or by deliberate marketing effort another, better name has arisen for the area around Shaftesbury Avenue: Theatreland. There’s such a concentration of theatres in this small area that in normal times you can take your pick from big-name musicals, serious dramas, or … Read more

Review of Afterglow at Waterloo East Theatre

Peter McPherson, Adi Chugh and Benjamin Aluwihar Photo: Darren Bell

There’s a moment when you know, isn’t there? That, however inconvenient, you’ve fallen in love. I think I feel a bit this way about Steven Kunis’ production of Afterglow. When Josh and Alex invite Darius into their bed, they think they’re just having a bit of fun. Fun for the theatregoer, too, as the three … Read more

Radio by Al Smith at the Arcola Theatre | Review

Adam Gillen (Charlie Fairbanks). Credit - Helen Maybanks

“Dreams aren’t weightless things, they have a mass,” Charles L Fairbanks Junior tells us, as he fantasises about becoming an astronaut despite growing up in Nowheresville. First performed in 2006, Al Smith’s Radio uses the moon landing as its centre of gravity, but it isn’t just the fiftieth anniversary of this triumph of American engineering … Read more