Author: Ben Powell

Shit-faced Shakespeare® – The Taming of the Shrew | Review

Sh*t-faced Shakespeare is a great night out, combining the fun of the theatre with the chaos of trying to control that one friend who’s had a few too many and decided that they’re a stand-up comedian. The atmosphere in the Leicester Square Theatre is buzzing as the audience take their seats with dance music blasting from the speakers and busy bars. Everything has more of the feel of an anarchic stand-up gig than that which …

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The Twilight Zone at London Ambassadors Theatre | Review

The Twilight Zone has long proven itself to be a core part of the pop culture zeitgeist, with references to the classic show appearing in everything from The Simpsons to Madagascar, so it is no surprise that Anne Washburn’s adaptation has landed at the Ambassadors Theatre, following its sell-out run at the Almeida. The show is a compilation of about eight adapted stories from the pantheon of classic Twilight Zone tales. We open with ‘Will …

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Review of Bring Them Home at the Vault Festival

The Vaults have long been one of the most intriguing venues in London, with its penchant for mounting some of the most innovative and interactive productions that really push the boundaries of what theatre is and can be. One such production is the delightful Bring Them Home by Treehouse. Described as a mega-game, this experience is equal parts board game, interactive theatre and treat for one’s inner child. Upon arrival to Unit 9, we were …

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