Author: Angela Lord

Betrayal by Harold Pinter at the Harold Pinter Theatre

Betrayal tells the tale of a covert romance from a reverse perspective. Rather than showing a couple falling in and out of love, it shows them falling out of love and back in again, charting the course of a seven-year affair from 1977 to 1968, with a backward glance at life’s little ironies. The casting of Tom Hiddleston as Robert is enough to guarantee a full house and the award-winning star’s charismatic presence illuminates, rather than …

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Pinter Three: Landscape – A Kind of Alaska – Monologue

A star-studded cast has been assembled for Pinter at the Pinter, a season of short plays which shows the work of the Nobel Prize-winning writer in a new light. If you haven’t seen Pinter before, this would be a good place to start, and if you have, this collection gives a fresh insight into the development of his work over the years. The essence of a style which coined the term “Pinteresque” is captured in …

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