Stepping Out at the Vaudeville Theatre – Review

Amanda Holden (Vera) in Stepping Out. Photo credit Ray Burmiston.
Amanda Holden (Vera) in Stepping Out. Photo credit Ray Burmiston.

A night of fun and hilarity is what can be expected by audiences attending Vaudeville Theatre’s Stepping Out! Written by Richard Harris and directed by Maria Friedman, the show is a whirlwind of laughs, following the journey of 7 women and one lone male who attend a weekly tap class. For anyone who has taken a dance class or been involved with amateur performing …

Review of Handbagged at The Brockley Jack Theatre

Handbagged at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre
Handbagged at The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Ever wanted to be The Queen? not a Queen but The Queen? It can’t be a bad life really. You get to travel around for free, everyone does whatever you tell them and it’s a job for life. Of course, there are snakes as well as ladders in the monarchy game. As Queen you have no actual power, can’t vote and every Tuesday you have to spend some …

Naked Truth at Leicester Square Theatre – Review

Chloe Oliver & Mairi Houston
Chloe Oliver & Mairi Houston

The one thing I love more than anything is live theatre, so when I was offered the chance to review Johnny Tait’s latest play I jumped at it.

Set in a reality TV household, Naked Truth really poked fun at Big Brother and the current celebrity culture, there were times when the entire audience were absolutely howling with laughter. The show was so well written and the acting was so …

Boy Stroke Girl at The Etcetera Theatre – Review

Boy Stroke GirlCan you fall in love with someone if you don’t know their gender?” is the question the marketing for Boy Stroke Girl poses. The play is returning to the Etcetera Theatre in Camden for a second run, this time from 28th Feb – 12th March 2017. I went along to their Press Night on the 20th February looking forward to being challenged by a piece of new writing.

The marketing for the production …

Crime and Punishment at Brockley Jack Studio Theatre – Review

Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment – Photo credit Davor Tovarlaza at The Ocular Creative

When you consider the vast wealth of literature available in the world, you sometimes have to wonder why playwrights decide that certain books should be turned into a piece of theatrical entertainment. For example, imagine taking a novel with around twenty-two listed characters and which the author originally divided into six distinct parts with an epilogue and then distilling all of this down …